Requisite Organization: The CEO’s Guide to Creative Structure and Leadership. Elliott Jaques. Cason Hall.

Requisite Organization: The CEO's Guide to Creative Structure and Leadership Book Cover Requisite Organization: The CEO's Guide to Creative Structure and Leadership
Elliott Jaques
Cason Hall
February 1989)

This book challenges all of our current methods and assumptions in the field of organization, leadership and management.

First, it presents a comprehensive system, eschewing gimmicks and piecemeal programs.

Second, it is built upon a rigorous theoretical base – Stratified Systems Theory – that makes it possible to relate all aspects of leadership, work and human resource and into a coherent whole.

Any enterprise can gain a competitive edge in the short-term by introducing new products and services. In the long haul, however, an adaptive and successful enterprise calls for soundly structured organization with creative staffing and leadership at every level. Dr. Jaques sets out a system of practical working concepts and tools for building organizations and human resources that can beat the competition at home and world-wide now and into the 21st century.

Step by step, Jaques builds up the concepts, and then sets out the working procedures to enable CEOs, managers, and HR specialists, to develop the requisite organization – that is to say, organization which enhances entrepreneurial creativity, productive effectiveness, and human satisfaction and morale. Here is what you will find in this solution-packed volume.

  • Principles of organization structure, that show you not only how many levels you should have but how to keep to them.
  • The fundamental accountability and authorities needed by real managers.
  • How to measure level of responsibility objectively – from CEO to shop and office floor.
  • The essential functions required at corporate levels, and each level throughout the organization.
  • Getting tasks of the right order of complexity at each level of organization.
  • Systematic information, planning and control processes specific to each organization level.
  • How to help managers to appraise the personal effectiveness of subordinates and to relate these appraisals to fair pay.
  • A fair differential pay structure tied to organizational levels and to measured differentials in level of work.
  • A procedure for appraising the potential capability of people in a just manner for career development and for the growth of a rich talent pool.
  • How to recognize the work of individually contributing specialists, and to position them at levels in the organization where their creativity and innovation can pay off.
  • A wholly new approach to leadership and to delegation, that ties leadership and management together into one working entity.

In short: Dr. Jaques has written a practical high-level, how-to book, that applies to all kinds of working organizations – industrial, commercial, service and public. It sets out a totally new way of doing business.

Elliott Jaques is Chairman of SST Ltd., of London, England, and Visiting Research Professor of Management Science at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He retired recently as Director of the Institute of Organization and Social Sciences at Brunel University, England. He received the B.A. degree in Honors Science at the University of Toronto; the M.D. degree at Johns Hopkins Medical School; the Ph.D. degree in Social Relations at Harvard University. He is a qualified Psychoanalyst and has been engaged for more than 40 years in practical work both with individual development and with the organization and functioning of social institutions of every kind. Requisite Organization, his fifteenth book, is the culmination of all his previous writing.