Creating Desired Futures. Michael Shamiyeh. Birkhäuser Architecture.

Creating Desired Futures Book Cover Creating Desired Futures
Michael Shamiyeh
Birkhäuser Architecture
May 27, 2010

Today, in a world that is increasingly driven by faster cycles of change, the need to radically remake – as opposed to just modify or optimize – a business to ongoing environmental changes is greater than ever. Confronted with such disruptive situations, the managerial practice of trying to “fix” something established that is suddenly broken becomes misleading if not unfeasible. It entices one to seek something one does not wish to go away rather than to create something one really desires to exist in the future. The distinction between the two is fundamental. In problem-solving, in analytically identifying flaws in existing situations, established products, processes or organizational structures are adapted to a changing business environment; in creation, energies are expended in establishing those resources that possibly generate value in light of a vision a business is seen as evolving towards in the future.

This book addresses the question of how design – here are not understood as a way of form shaping but as an iterative process of learning and creation – is able to innovate today’s businesses. People from the world’s leading companies such as Arup, IDEO, Nike, Shell Innovation Research and Siemens, and from the fields of consulting, academia, and research present their insights on design thinking. In addition to its focus on the cooperative nature of design methodology, this book highlights the relevance of the design approach for future management practice and education. Cases are cited where appropriate.

Michael Shamiyeh holds degrees from Harvard, AA London and TU Vienna and is head and professor of DOM Research Laboratory as well as CEO of Shamiyeh Associates. He concerns himself with the creation and integration of innovative business ideas in organizations. Since 2008 he investigates this topic also at the Department for Strategic Management at the University of St. Gallen. Michael Shamiyeh has published in several international journals and books as well as in the popular media. He has won several international and international awards including the Innovation Prize (2008) awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research.