Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems. Michael Strong, John Mackey. Wiley.

Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems Book Cover Be the Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World's Problems
Michael Strong, John Mackey
March 16, 2009

What if the distinction between business and doing good vanished? What if all those who engaged in business were committed to a deeper purpose, and all those committed to doing good were entrepreneurial and enterprising? What would it take for a world of seven billion such people to solve all the world’s problems?

More and more people are looking for meaning and purpose in their lives as employees, as consumers, and as investors. More and more people have more than enough material goods and are more interested in the qualities of the goods they buy; in the experiences associated with the services they provide and buy; in the way the companies they buy from act as citizens; and in self-actualization – rising up Maslow’s hierarchy. As an increasing percentage of the population reaches the point at which they no longer need more stuff, what will they do, how will they live their lives?

If you are one of these people, wondering where to go from here, how to “be the solution” in the twenty-first century, Be the Solution provides an original perspective on how to create a better world. Focused entirely on entrepreneurial and Conscious Capitalist solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing humanity, Be the Solution shows how the entrepreneurial passion to create a better world, in combination with Conscious Capitalist business practices, can solve far more of the world’s problems than any other approach.

In combination with leading conscious capitalists such as John Mackey writing on “Conscious Capitalism,” leading social entrepreneurs such as Mohammad Yunus writing on “Social Business,” and leading legal reform experts such as Hernando de Soto writing on “Is Economic Freedom for Everyone?,” entrepreneurial educator Michael Strong lays out a philosophical, social, and legal framework for a FLOW vision through which all problems may be solved entrepreneurially.

FLOW, Inc., is an organization cofounded by John Mackey and Michael Strong to promote Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi’s concept of flow as optimal experience – the state in which we are so immersed in challenging, creative activity that we forget that time is passing. To be engaged in flow activities is happiness itself. Whether we are creators of enterprises or entrepreneurially creative within our own life as employees, we can embody the entrepreneurial spirit and, in the words of Michelangelo, “criticize by creating.”

In addition, FLOW refers to the global flow of goods, services, capital, humans, ideas, and culture, and a positive win-win-win world based on love rather than fear. Combining the best of the positive psychology and human potential movements with the best of free market thinking, FLOW offers a unique perspective on how to Be the Solution in the twenty-first century.

Michael Strong, educated at Harvard, St. John’s College, and the University of Chicago, has created several high-performance private and charter schools, including a school that was named the 36th best public school in the United States on the Washington Post‘s Challenge Index. The author of The Habit of Thought: from Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice, Strong has consulted for hundreds of educational institutions around the world. Prior to his career in education, he was a doctoral student at the University of Chicago working on a dissertation on “Ideas and Culture as Human Capital” under economics Nobel laureate Gary Becker. Strong is currently the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of FLOW, Inc., a nonprofit organization he cofounded with John Mackey.