Thinking in Systems: A Primer. Donella H. Meadows. Chelsea Green Publishing.

Thinking in Systems: A Primer Book Cover Thinking in Systems: A Primer
Donella H. Meadows
Chelsea Green Publishing
December 3, 2008
In the years following her role as the lead author of the international best-seller Limits to Growth, Donella Meadows remained at the forefront of environmental and social analysis until her untimely death in 2001. Long anticipated, Thinking in Systems is a concise and crucial book offering insight for problem-solving on scales ranging from the personal to the global. Edited by the Sustainability Institute’s Diana Wright, this essential primer brings systems thinking out of the realm of computers and equations and into the tangible world, showing readers how to develop the systems-thinking skills that thought leaders across the globe consider critical for 21st-century life.
A woman whose pioneering work in the 1970s still makes front-page news, Donella Meadows was a scientist, author, teacher, and farmer widely considered ahead of her time. She was one of the world’s foremost systems analysts, winner of a MacArthur Foundation “genius” award, and Pulitzer prize-nominee for her long-running newspaper column. She died unexpectedly in 2001 as she neared completion of Thinking in Systems. For more information, visit