The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools. Prakash Nair, Randall Fielding. Designshare.

The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools Book Cover The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools
Prakash Nair, Randall Fielding
May 1, 2005

Why do schools look the way they do?

Why is there a chasm between widely acknowledged best practice principles and the actual design of a majority of school facilities?

Why has the disconnect between learning research and learning places been so difficult to repair?

In answering these questions authors Prakash Nair, Randall Fielding, and Jeffrey Lackney explain how the built environment is not only the place of learning, but the also the psyche of learning. They explain how to shape the buildings in which we learn so that they are truly the most visible manifestation of our future aspirations as a society.

The Language of School Design is a seminal work because it defines a new graphic vocabulary that synthesizes learning research with best practice in school planning and design. But it is more than a book about ideas. This also a practical tool and a must-have resource for all School stakeholders involved in planning, designing and constructing new and renovated schools and evaluating the educational adequacy of existing school facilities.

Prakash Nair is a futurist, a visionary planner and partner with Fielding Nair International (FNI), one of the world’s leading change agents for innovative schools with consultations in 43 countries on six continents. He is the recipient of several international awards including the prestigious CEFPI MacConnell Award, the top on her worldwide for school design.

Randall Fielding, a partner with Fielding Nair International, is recognized as one of the world’s foremost creative and innovative school architects. Is the recipient of numerous design awards including the CEFPI International Planner of the Year, the highest individual honour for a school designer.

Jeffrey Lackney was FNI’s Senior Education Architect. Dr. Jeffrey Lackney had committed his entire practice as a licensed architect to creating high-quality visionary learning environments for children and youth around the world. Prior to joining FNI, Jeffrey was assistant professor within the Department of Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.