Cohesion – The Making of Society. Robert Hercock. Lulu Enterprises.

Cohesion - The Making of Society Book Cover Cohesion - The Making of Society
Robert Hercock
Lulu Enterprises
November 15, 2009

What actually makes societies cohesive? This is the question that motivates the quest in this book. The answer is a complex mixture of beliefs, trust, cooperation, sex and networks. With a deep multi-disciplinary approach, Hercock offers new insights on the evolution of social cohesion. The book reviews how  the nature of human society has been driven by the urge to communicate. And in particular, by warfare, bridges, technology, and market forces.

Dr. Hercock is a Chief Research Scientist at British Telecommunications Research Laboratories in the UK. He has authored a broad range of papers and patents, in the fields of Intelligent Systems, Cyber Security and Robotics. He lives in Oxford with his wife and two precocious daughters.