A Democratic Approach to Sustainable Futures: A Workbook for Addressing the Global Problematique. Thomas R. Flanagan, Kenneth C. Bausch. Ongoing Emergence Press.

A Democratic Approach to Sustainable Futures: A Workbook for Addressing the Global Problematique Book Cover A Democratic Approach to Sustainable Futures: A Workbook for Addressing the Global Problematique
Thomas R. Flanagan, Kenneth C. Bausch
Ongoing Emergence Press
June 24, 2011

This workbook has been designed to support scholarly role playing in the arena of global diplomacy and human systems planning. Audiences include students, faith-based groups, and community members who like to grapple with the big picture – arguably the biggest picture – of our times: global sustainability. The modular 4 or 5 week course can be extended as different groups might choose. Through role-playing, audiences will collaborate with others in an authentic engagement with the world’s complexity through participatory democracy. This experiential learning opportunity has the power to change lives, and the promise to save the planet.

A Democratic Approach to Sustainable Futures requires students to guide their own learning. This is one of the most effective means of learning, and students following this workbook can expect to feel like they have accomplished significant gains at the end. This is an excellent workbook for serious students who are not satisfied by simple theory or impractical practice. This is the book to prepare for the messy, multi-layered, multi-faceted, personal, political, real-world of applied global activism.

Thomas R. Flanagan, PhD, was raised in Massachusetts, attended universities in Massachusetts and in Connecticut. He began his professional career in life science and biomedical technology and worked in and founded high-performance companies in New England and in Europe both in technology and in management roles. Tom’s appreciation for decision-making in diversified research and development teams led him to advanced studies at the MIT Sloan School of management, and subsequently to an opportunity to work with Dr. Alexander Christakis and to support co-laboratories of democracy in international business, government agencies, and community missions. Tom has taught classes in biology, chemistry, engineering, and management for university students, and online classes for practitioner training in participatory democracy. His published works include The Talking Point: Creating an Environment for Exploring Complex Meaning, and CogniSystemTM | User’s Manual: A Step-By-Step Guide to for Collaborative Design.

Kenneth C. Bausch, PhD, grew up in Ohio and received his BA in philosophy from Duns Scotus College followed by four years of intensive theological studies at St. Leonard’s College. He began his professional life as a Catholic priest of the Franciscan order and has been a pastor, a high school teacher, and inner-city organizer working with street gangs and community groups, a counsellor, a social service administrator, a real estate agent, a homebuilder, a contractor, a university professor, a research director, and an organizational consultant. In the course of 40 years of inquiry into the human condition, he has delved intensively into philosophy, orthodox theology, Eastern religions, social and political ideology, psychology, sociology, and systems theory. Ken also holds an MA in applies and at the State University of West Georgia and a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University. After a brief stint as Executive Director at the Ashley Montague Institute in San Francisco, Ken took up the leadership role of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras. Ken has taught psychology, sociology and system science at Mercer University, Perimeter College, DeVryInstitute, Capella University, and is currently teaching an online course through Flinders University of Australia. His published books include The Emerging Consensus and Social Systems Theory, Body Wisdom: Interplay of Body and Ego, and Harnessing Collective Wisdom and Power to Construct the Future.